Saturday, October 30, 2010

My History with BMW’s

The first time I remember seeing a BMW was with an old friend of mine Drew Bricker. This was back in 1977 and we were both working with DYLEX at one of their retail operations called Tip Top Tailors. They are a large men’s wear retail chain and we both work at Square One in Mississauga.

Drew was the store manager and had a new BMW 2002 and it was a real driving machine. Having been brought up with American cars I was pretty ignorant at the time of other driving pleasures. I hung around allot with Drew and he became a mentor in many ways.

As much as I loved BMW’s the price was always beyond my grasp and I stayed with Honda and an assortment of other cars that I do not care to recall.
In the last six years we moved to Kelowna BC and I was introduced to automobiles from the west that last forever due to the fact that salt is not used. Classic cars and others are in really great shape.

The next time I remember seeing a BMW that made an impression on me was around 1996 when I was waiting for my wife Donna. A red BMW 635csi pulled into Fabricland on Herron Road in Ottawa and I was very impressed with the styling. It had a forward stance and that classic shark like nose. It became a car that I always appreciated when I came upon its path.

I was out at a local car show with my 1969 Mercury Cougar on a rainy night and a conversation began about local dealers brining in cars from Japan. So I started to keep an eye out for BMW’s that I liked and after taking our much high mileage BMW’s and others I decided to hone in on BMW’s from Japan.

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