Saturday, October 30, 2010

BMW 5 Series 535i

I was able to get in touch with Greg a dealer who was selling cars privately and gave him a call. He had a connection in Japan and was importing BMW’s. These cars are 15 years old or more and are shipped in to BC and then certified for the Canadian Market.

In Japan the cars are certified every two years at a cost of $1500.00. The owner decided not to continue the inspections and put the car up for auction. The cars are container shipped to North America. This car came from a fleet of cars for American executives in Japan.

I was able to buy a 1989 535i in gun metal gray for $6500.00 dollars. This car was a real deal with only 74K on the odometer and a left hand drive to boot. These cars are not driven allot so the seals around the valve covers and transmission needed to be changed.

The car was a dream to drive but was a little soft in the corners. In the summer of 2008 we installed new struts and the car preformed under all driving conditions. Presently the car has 134k and is a very dependable driver.

With a total investment of $10K over three years we are driving BMW and it’s a keeper.

The original automatic is rated at 208 hp. It has been upped by a performance chip to approximately 248. I recently had the car up to 220km with no issues.

It was purchased at a fraction of the cost of new cars. It drives and handles like a dream!!!.

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