Saturday, October 30, 2010

Donald Robichaud's BMW 635CSI

In the winter of 2008 I started with a client an older gentleman who was a car enthusiast and in the spring of 2009 we showed up at my office with a 1989 635 M6 that looked like the red one I’d seen many years before.

In a 13 year run these cars were limited production and of the 80 thousand made40 thousand were shipped to North America.

The standard model 635csi were fully loaded and mainly shipped into the US were for the yuppie market for approximately $50K and 60K plus for the M series.

In doing some researched I realized that theE24 635CSI is a much sot after car. The models from Japan are shipped around the world and are a premium due to 40 thousand shipped originally. Remember half of the E24 models which are most wanted by collectors around the world are sitting in North America.

After much looking in the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010 I was able to procure a 1988 Charcoal Grey 635CSI from Japan with only 114K on the odometer.

The car was purchased in Kelowna by a young man in 2005 and once certified he drove the car only in the summer time. He loved the styling but did not have the capital to take the car to the next level.

I felt that this was a worthwhile investment. I had my garage Dynamic WestSide Auto in Kelowna install a new front end then I took it up on the Coachella and hit 220 kilometres without a problem.

The Japan models have approximately 215 horsepower and will reach 220 kilometres.

This summer I switched out the cloth interior to a leather interior and it now looks great. We also fixed up the exhaust and changed a few belts and hoses which make it run a lot quieter.

The car has been lowered and it performs really well into the corners.

The cars a real head turner and we always get people checking it out. They can’t believe that it is 23years old.

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